Ecuadorian designer. Loja, Ecuador
Vanessa A. Zúñiga Tinizaray

Known as "Amuki" (inner silence), Vanessa Zúñiga Tinizaray, is an Ecuadorian designer. Her passion has led her to investigate the visual signs of the ancestral cultures of Latin America. In a stage of globalization, her mission is to design, share and teach people to revalue the Latin American cultural heritage, to amplify and translate it globally. Her intention is to learn to appreciate and celebrate that heritage with pride and without prejudice.

Her achievements, after 16 years experimenting in the research project "Visual Chronicles of the Abya Yala", have led her to be a finalist, win an award and two mentions in the Ibero-American Design Biennial, some of her experimental typefaces have been selected in Bienal Tipos Latinos and with her book she has obtained a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club, and she has also given workshops and talks in Francia, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Ecuador, teaching Latin American youth the importance of research in the creative process.

Her work of kinetic typography with the foundry Sudtipos of Argentina for to promote the typographic family Fixture in 2018 has been featured in magazines such as Computer Arts, as well as online mentions in Graffica and Eye magazine. Together with Alejandro Paul, the Kinetic typography project for Sudtipos obtained a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club of New York (2019).

Amuki is a study and experimental laboratory, a space for interaction of different products, techniques and disciplines, but converging with the aim of generating qualitative changes in design and teaching; "a space to imagine and apply new values, objectual, visual and communicational, suitable for the fluid deployment of creative thinking and, at the same time, sensitive to the demands of society".

At the end of 2014, Amuki started the enterprise of the "Rukuyaya" brand, where she captured the patterns and illustrations of the research in different physical and digital media.
16 years researching and experimenting
Abya Yala

Abya Yala Visual Chronicles corresponds to the second phase of the research “Approach to an Andean Basic Visual Vocabulary” project that was born within the framework of the Master's Degree in Design at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (2004-2006).

Abya Yala Visual Chronicles focuses on recording the experiments that are carried out with the repertoire of visual signs of the cultures originating in Latin America that the researcher has compiled, and tries to demonstrate that the visual signs that we find in archaeological pieces, textiles, etc. they can be appropriate, reinterpreted and reused to create new symbols, under a process of recontextualization that allows to revalue, celebrate, amplify and translate globally the historical memory of Latin America, leaving aside the passive attitude where the deterritorialized signs of other cultures are imposed each Again in our collective imagination.

Currently, Abya Yala Visual Chronicles has 125 records, which have been developed since 2007 (+50 Experimental Typographies (modular, dingbats), + 10000 Andean and geometric patterns, illustrations, icons, posters, repertoire of visual signs, brands for products, visual identities, among others). Each record is a search for experimentation, a fun activity that seeks to contribute to the enrichment of the Latin American visual identity.

At the moment we have included records dedicated to Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico, we will continue walking this land that we share expanding our vision and strengthening our historical memory.
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